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Our unique hybrid model allows the students both structure in school and at home.  At the beginning of the week, our teachers provide a detailed lesson plan for each day.  Our curriculum combines the strong elements of both Charlotte Mason and Classical approaches. Since it is a partnership, parents are expected to complete assignments at home on non-school days.


Trained Teachers

Each of our teachers prepare a weekly lesson plan guide for the parents and students to use at home.  At the beginning of each week, they email and print a lesson plan guide for each student that maps out the assignments and expectations for each day.  This arrangement provides open communication between teachers, parents, and students, as well as an expectation of progress that will be accomplished each week.

Curriculum Guides

Our curriculum involves both Charlotte-Mason and Classical approaches.  The teachers plan the year ahead of time, as the students will read various classical texts and engage in several detailed lessons throughout the year.  We also challenge our students to train their minds through various repetitive songs and poetry recitations.



At Makers Academy, we treat high school differently.  Since many of our students plan to attend college, we set them ahead on their college journey with a core curriculum of College Credit Plus classes.  Students register early for these classes through Cedarville University and take a large portion of their course load online.  We provide the support and environment for these classes during our core days.  Discipleship services and classes are still in-person.  Options for part-time attendance are also available for those who do not want to pursue the college route.

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