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At Makers Academy, we seek to develop deep spiritual roots in our students. We believe worship involves mind, body, and spirit, and we seek to develop children in each of these areas.  Below are some of the ways we focus on building up a strong spiritual foundation in our students.

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First Fruits

We begin each morning with an all-school worship service.  Our musically talented students lead the worship set, while the rest of the student body prepares their hearts for the day.  Through daily pledges and prayer, the students learn to take the lead in daily spiritual disciplines.  By seeking God first thing in the morning, we are training up lifelong worshippers of Jesus who will stand strong through the days and years ahead.


In addition to morning First Fruit services, our students are also trained up in age-group Encounter services where they learn how to hear the voice of God and individually practice spiritual disciplines in a safe environment.  In these services students learn about the fruits and the gifts of the Spirit, as well as how to further develop in their Christian journey.


Bible Class

Part of our curriculum involves daily Bible study for each of our students.  Our trained pastors teach the courses every class day and move chronologically through the Bible while engaging students in relevant discussions that challenge them to ask questions and apply their faith in daily situations.

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